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Spa Facials and Beauty Treatments


At Always Tan Skin and Body, the cornerstone of our success rests squarely on our facials. Designed with the highest standards of cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, an Always Tan Skin and Body facial is like no other. As part of our skin care treatments, our expert aestheticians perform a deep and relaxing massage to your head, chest, neck, shoulders, arms, feet, hands and face. Your skin is steam-misted, cleansed, and smoothed. To ensure the best results, we use Tu"el products. After your treatment, your skin will be smoother, more hydrated, and have a youthful glow.


We also offer additional beauty treatments including micro-dermabrasion and full-body waxing services that are designed to enhance your body's natural beauty.

Skin Care Treatments


Customized Facial $125.00

Whatever your skin needs is what we do - be it anti-aging, acne treatments or just relaxation.  Your first skin care treatment begins with a thorough consultation to determine your goals and includes a personalized outline on how to achieve these goals.  Will professional facials combined with a great home care routine be exactly what your skin needs?  Is a combination of both perfect?  Or maybe you have something that needs additional focus?



Chemical Peel (add on Facial) $35.00

Chemical Peels are exciting and result oriented treatments.  Superficial chemical peels are designed to stimulate cell turnover which helps restore the skin to a more youthful appearance.  Fine lines will be softened, dull skin will appear more radiant, rough or uneven skin will become smoother.  Sun damaged or blotchy skin will even out.  Acne scarring may be softened.  The consultation for these treatments is done after your initial Customized Facial and is for those wanting anti-aging, acne treatments or scar revision.


Microdermabrasion (Add on Facial) $45.00

Microdermabrasion is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment invented in Italy for skin rejuvenation. Multiple articles in dermatologic medical journals have proven that microdermabrasion improves acne scars, wrinkles and acne by exfoliating the outer dead layers of the skin and stimulating new collagen formation in the deeper dermal layers, revealing younger, fresher skin. This procedure utilizes crystals to finely resurface superficial layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion can even treat stubborn acne scars of the back. During your consultation, you may request a sample of the treatment on the back or your hand to sample its benefits and painlessness.



Skin Care Treatments, Waxing, and Professional Home Care Products are not a luxury.  They are a way of life for anyone who wants to look and feel their best at every age.  Whatever your goal, there is always a way to achieve it within the parameters of your time, lifestyle and budget. 


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